What is Textalog?

An user-friendly dialog system for Godot Engine with characters, text boxes, dialog bubbles and many more (planned) features for your games.

If you find a bug, or want a feature to be included, feel free to open a new issue. You can also send me a message on twitter or join us on Discord.


🪧 DialogNode and 🗨️ DialogBubble

A node implementation for dialog box and dialog bubble, fully customizable and build with common dialog commands to improve your game development in the dialogue interaction.

🐱‍👤 Characters and 🖼️ Portraits

Characters are data containers to describe what expressions (portraits) are going to be used in dialogue and what properties of the dialogue will be overriden during the gameplay.

🎨 Customization through Godot's Themes

Modify the DialogNode through themes!

Use it as a Dialog System!

The plugin can help you creating sequences of dialogs and dialog branches to certain conditions, all in the editor, thanks to its integration with EventSystem.

You can create the entire dialog sequence through code too!

See more about this implementation on this section

🧵 Usage

Quick example to try the most simple functionality: showing text on the screen.

func _ready() -> void:
  # Creates a new DialogNode instance
  var dialog_node = DialogNode.instance()

  # Add the node as child

  # Shows the dialog node

  # Show an string. BBCode works too!
  dialog_node.show_text("Hello world!")

🚩Getting Started


📝Credits and license

Made by AnidemDex

This plugin uses MIT license

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